Apache – Here we come…

In the past year or so, a long time friend, college, software mentor and Jedi Padawan, Yaniv Rodenski, has approached me and asked me to join his passion project, Amaterasu.

The project had a goal in mind, which is to introduce a CI/CD platform for Big Data Pipelines.

DataOpsJoining Yaniv and his Australian mates (that’s how you say it, down there in upside-down country, right? mate?) on this project, it felt good to work on a project, that is open-sourced and driven towards big data.

Being a long-time apache stack user of many of the Big-Data stack (Spark, Flink, Hadoop stack etc.) it has always been a wish of mine to actually stand behind one of these projects, and recently, that wish will probably become true!

For the meantime, here is a talk that Yaniv and myself delivered on the Israeli meetup group “Big Things”, hosted by Demi Ben-Ari and Shlomi Hassan (WARNING: This meetup was after a full-day workshop I delivered in that morning, which I finished to prepare about 15 before it started, hence, the mumbling and beer).


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